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How To Successfully Market Your Business This Holiday Season

The holiday season is underway.  Learn how you can use marketing strategies to lure clients all the more.

The holidays almost always keep business owners like you on your toes more than ever.  One of your concerns might be how to market your products or services fast enough or how to show the world that you have a good product.  What can you do so consumers will notice you this season?  Here are fool-proof ways to do it.

Provide additional accommodation

You know that people from all walks of life are quite busy during the holidays.  It’s either they don’t want to waste time or they need more time.  The latter scenario presents a window of opportunity for you as a business owner to give them some leeway.  For instance, if you are running a retail store or a business offering delivery services, you might want to operate earlier than usual or, extend business hours.  The key here is to accommodate your customers need for some time by extending your usual hours of service.  You will have to announce this either through flyers, shop signs, or social media.

Distribute gifts or tokens

There’s a study showing that people who are gift givers attract more attention than those who aren’t.  You instantly become likable because in the eyes of the recipient you have taken a great deal of effort to remember him among the hordes of people you know.  Clients who get gifts from business owners always feel appreciated.  Because they feel valued, they will have the tendency to pay it forward.  Gifts shouldn’t necessarily burn a hole in your pockets.  But they have to be meaningful enough.   One of the best tactics for maintaining good relationships with clients is sharing through corporate giveaways.  Giveaways aren’t too expensive especially when they are ordered in bulk.  Some shops offer customized giveaways and give discounts depending on the volume of orders. When you share, you will also be able to get more referrals and eventually, increase sales and revenue.

Try hosting a party

Customers will most likely recall fun parties hosted by business owners.  Again, if clients are invited to a special event you have organized in relation to your business, they will feel valued.  Moreover, the event will forever be imprinted in their minds as you have made a connection with them.  Some people call this experiential or event marketing and the goal is to use this to attract clients. Try organizing an event exclusively for business clients.  Since your goal is to make it a day to remember, host the party in a truly unique place or think of a theme that’s uncommon. You can also line up activities that your target market will truly remember.

The season of gift giving gives everyone, including business owners the opportunity to showcase products and services that can be of value this yuletide season.  Stand out in the crowd by using these tried and tested marketing tactics.

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