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How Mentors Help In Business

Mentors are there to give valuable advice.  It is valuable because it is presumed that these people have seen it all and have done it all as regards the industry they are experts in.  Sadly, a good number of budding business owners do not ever consider getting or talking to one.  Here are convincing reasons why you should get one now.

Success is more attainable

There are so many studies proving how valuable a mentor is to anyone wanting to go into business.  The stats are quite revealing in that more than 90 percent of business startups say that they too had mentors and these people have been a part of their success in business.  Make sure, however, that you are approaching the appropriate mentor.  If he gives timely advice, has good connections, monitors you occasionally, and is morally upright, then he is a most likely a very good mentor who can lead you well.

Experience matters a lot in business

When you are a fledgling business owner, you are badly in need of insights from a seasoned one.  While there are tutorials left and right, teaching how to succeed in business, nothing compares with coaching from the one who’s been into it for so long and has produced good results through experience.  Most successful business owner surely isn’t going to tell you everything they know but the truth is every little thing that they can share with you will have value and will make an impact on someone who is new in the business.

You grow and mature

Does maturity play a crucial role in becoming a better business owner?  The answer is a resounding yes.  Managing a business is no joke and someone who isn’t mature enough to handle the daily challenges might give up easily.  He might sell the business and decide it’s not for him.  When you have a mentor beside you, he teaches you from experience how to put a rein on your emotions.  When you have a mentor, he can teach you self-restraint and delay gratification.


Many businesses fail partly because owners did not rely on any mentor at all.  There are studies showing that one-third of newly formed businesses may not make it past two years.  Moreover, half of these businesses won’t make it past half a decade.  The mortality rate is high but there is good news.  About 7- percent of businesses who stayed operational beyond five years have revealed that they did it with the help of a trusted and reliable mentor.

You may not be aware of it but there are a good number of business owners who reached success because they included mentors in their journey.  While it is true that successful businessmen have trusted their gut feel many times (and succeeded), the importance of mentors in their lives can never be understated.  If you want to be successful too, consider the value of mentors as you travel the road to success.

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