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The Dos and Don’ts of Networking For Your Business

Networking is one of the most effective ways of building your business and creating more sales.  But it isn’t that simple.  You have to prepare too.  Before you make a go of it, you must be confident that what you are doing is right.  Find out what the dos and don’ts are before engaging in networking.

Do follow-up

You’ve reached a point when a potential client has responded to your sales pitch.  But sadly, you don’t follow up and the next steps aren’t accomplished.  If you aren’t following up any of your business propositions, you are better off not networking at all.  This can tarnish your image as a professional business owner and it can lead to avoidance of your product or service.  These people expect you to call them after an initial engagement.  If you do, you could easily close a deal as regards your business.

Don’t complicate it

Networking also involves creating a presentation of your business, your product or service, and the value it offers to target markets.  It is critical for would-be clients to understand what your business is all about.  You may have been present at many events, marketing your product but if your selling proposition is too complicated for consumers, you might not be able to engage them.  Your networking efforts might go down the drain.  To simply drive your point about your product, emphasize who are using your products right now and tell an interesting but brief narrative about how your product has helped them.

This statement could lead to curiosity among consumers and they will most likely want to know how they can benefit from it too.

Do respond instantly

After a successful stint at a networking event, you may get calls from networking partners instantly.  Don’t let the day pass without responding to them.  Better yet, respond immediately if you aren’t that busy.  Treat these people with professionalism.  If you do, you will come across as a business owner who is dependable and reliable.

Don’t mislead

Potential clients are sometimes prey to networking gimmicks.  For instance, they will be invited to an event labeled as an anniversary bash.  However, when at the event, it turns out that it’s a recruiting event where people are seated on tables, served with food and drinks, and afterward will be signed up for a business opportunity.

This tactic is clearly initiated to mislead potential customers.  The strategy to lure customers shouldn’t even be on your agenda or future plans.  Why so?  Because it leads to mistrust and you know for one that trust is necessary for any kind of relationship, including the client-seller relationship.

You may have tried networking for a time now but may not be working at all towards achieving your marketing goals.  Probably it is time to look into your approach and tweak it a bit.  These reminders can help you analyze your current networking style and eventually, adopt one that works best.

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