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Creating A Brand In Lieu Of A Product

Don’t mistake your brand for your product.  They aren’t the same and experts say that you shouldn’t be launching your product.  Launch a brand instead.

Here are some justifications for doing so.

Creates value

Notice that consumers would have the tendency to buy branded products than generic ones despite the big price difference.  The success of a product rests too on its branding. Consumers see the quality in a brand that has been rated by society as the top or number one brand.  They feel that a branded product especially the well-known ones has a say on the stature of people who buy it.  It may be psychological but for many companies, it increases sales.

It defines who you are

The brand name you attach to your product makes a statement of what you can do or can deliver.  From the point of view of a buyer, brands say a lot about their personality.  The shoe brand they are wearing or even the food they put on the table says a lot about a consumer or his family.

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