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Creating A Brand In Lieu Of A Product

Don’t mistake your brand for your product.  They aren’t the same and experts say that you shouldn’t be launching your product.  Launch a brand instead. Here are some justifications for doing so. Creates value Notice that consumers would have the tendency to buy branded products than generic ones despite the …

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Promising Small Businesses That You Can Start From Home

When you start a small business, you’d rather go into a specific industry with great promise.  Here are some examples. Home maintenance Home maintenance services will always be in demand.  Families grow and the need for a home and to maintain it so it will last longer will always be …

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5 Winning Attributes Of A Business Owner

Developing good habits makes for success in any field.  Good habits become innate when you practice them consistently, day in day out.  As a business owner, you must have good entrepreneurial skills and habits that contribute to the success of your business.  What are these?  Let us take a look …

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Bootstrapping Guidelines For Your Business

Bootstrapping your business simply means starting out a business with very small capital, usually from your own pocket.  It also entails relying on internal funds rather than on external funding sources. Below are practical and effective guidelines on how to bootstrap your business. Limit spending Remember that debt and loans …

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Why It’s Critical To Learn From Competitors

Learning from competitors need not involve observing what they’ve done and imitating it.  There are ways to learn from what they’re doing right without copying marketing strategies.  By merely observing what’s happening within your industry and keeping tabs on them for current and future use.  Study and analyze what makes …

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