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Setting Up Your Desk To Reduce Eye Strain And Fatigue

With many millions of people worldwide now working and browsing on computers all day long, there is more concern than ever about the damage that it’s doing to their eyes. If you run a search, you’ll see lots of experts that’ll tell you that computer screens don’t emit any harmful …

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What Is Meant By R22 Refrigerant Phase Out?

There is a coolant by the name of Freon that is used in many different devices today. It is also called R22, a hydrochlorofluorocarbon that is not going to be used anymore after 2020. It is being phased out because of its adverse effects to the ozone layer. Many studies …

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What Are Some Good Organic Ingredients to Use on Hair?

If you care about your hair, you’ll want to use organic products because they’re natural and don’t contain all those extra ingredients that may strip the hair of its natural oils while making it look slightly dry and dull. There are plenty of organic ingredients that may be used on …

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